110 hours later…

Well, I have just got through listening to my conversations with Lena from 2003, lasting 110 hours.  Now I am moving on to listening to 64 hours from 2004.  I have some new material that allows me greater insight into Lena as a teenager.

Here is Lena in full flight, telling me her story on 10 July 2003.



Lots of listening. Again

I am listening to my recorded conversations with Lena in 2003.  Listening to hear her “voice” and checking in case I might have  missed something important.  During 2003, I recorded 18 sessions with Lena, totalling around 110 hours, from early July.

When someone has lived through and been impacted by all of the major events of the Holocaust, which ones to include and which ones to gloss over in a biography?  Can you “gloss over” anything in the Holocaust?